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A Brony Tale Documentary Trailer

You have your orders…. :)

I know it’s going to be a good day when Millie decides to grace me with her presence. :) 

A SilverSlinger [ @Silver_Slinger ] donation to @TrotCon’s charity auction “Queen of Hearts” 

Asker mrbroso Asks:
Do other mares feel jealous of wild fire because she's with mandopony and/or viceversa?
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My Little Pony Friends Forever #4

Written by Rob Anderson

Art by me, colours by Heather Breckel

Cover by me :)

This is out TODAY from IDW publishing. Thought I’d post the cover so you can see the full stained glass background. The MLP logo & cover dressing hid a bit of it ;)

Broadway Battles Bullying will benefit a new foundation paying tribute to Michael Morones, who attempted suicide after being bullied for his love of My Little Pony.

Read the write up @

Write up in Variety Magazine …. We are “legit” Hollywood now folks!! ;)

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Louis Emanuel meets the Bristol branch of the Bronies - a group of mainly men who love the latest incarnation of My Little Pony - and finds a group of people who can ignore the ridicule and prove that friendship really is magic

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